— Dane Creek

Great Stuff Vintage Furnishings, Seattle, WA

Canon 5D Mk II, Lensbaby Composer with Zone Plate. ISO 2500, 2 seconds @ f/19.

This is another photo from LongShot 2010. It was, as I mentioned previously, cold and rainy to start the evening. I was shooting some of the neon lights in Georgetown with my friend Sabrina and we’d pretty much decided to bail and go somewhere else. We called the other half of our group to let them know, and they said they’d stumbled across a cool vintage furnishing shop just up the road. Even better, they said the owner was staying open late for them to shoot, and that we should come by.

We drove up and went in. It was neat, but I left my camera in the car because I didn’t really think inside a vintage furnishing shop would be that interesting. Ha. That didn’t last long 🙂

A big thanks to Kirk Albert at Great Stuff Vintage Furnishings for staying open long so we could shoot random cool objects somewhere warm and rain-free. You rock, Kirk!