— Dane Creek

New Folios Are Coming!

I stopped by the plant today to check on a new batch of folio covers that were rolling off the line. We’re running additional stock of charcoal and chocolate truffle, and adding two new colours: Eclipse Black and Natural.

Here’s a photo of all the raw paper stock in a pile after going through the first round of debossing:


From top to bottom the colours are: Chocolate Truffle, Natural, Eclipse Black, Charcoal, and Chocolate Truffle. The press is pretty impressive. The covers run on the largest machine in the place. Here’s a photo of 1/3rd of the machine:


The window is where the action happens. The thing on the right is where the cutting and debossing dies get inserted. Paper is fed from the far right (just out of frame), comes in, gets stamped/cut, and then goes into the outfeed pile just out of frame to the left. Here’s some video of the machine in action just after the last of the folio paper went through:

The new covers will be ready to ship out starting Tuesday, July 27th.