— Dane Creek

The Importance of Nap Time #2

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 70-200 f/2.8 IS. 180mm, ISO 200, 1/15 sec. @ f/11. Photo courtesy of Vlad Sadovsky.

Back in February I wrote about the importance of nap time when I was on a trip to the Washington Coast. I was reminded again of the importance of naps during photographic trips again last weekend when we were in the Palouse region.

Friday was a very, very, long day. I was up at 6am and we didn’t get to our motel in Colfax, WA until 12:30am on Saturday morning. With sunrise at around 5:15am that meant a 4:15am wake-up call. Ugh.

Nap time is the only thing that got me through the day. Amusingly I wound up napping on Steptoe Butte twice, exactly 12 hours apart. The above photo is the first nap in the cool morning air at 6:10am. The second nap was in the shadow cast by our car at 6:10pm, when the temperature was around 35C.