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Metallic Inkjet Paper Review Part 2: Proofline Photo Chrome and Pictorico Opalescent

Since I published my review of four metallic inkjet papers two other versions have been brought to my attention. With the addition of these two papers to the mix and some discussions with paper experts I can say with certainty these are all… well, I’m getting ahead of myself. First, some reviews:

Proofline Photo Chrome

After my original review went live I was contacted by the folks at Shades of Paper regarding Proofline Photo Chrome metallic paper. They’re my go-to source for paper and were nice enough to send out a few samples of Photo Chrome (as well as a few others).

Out of the box it was clear the Photo Chrome was essentially identical to the LexJet and Red River papers. A quick test print was proof: same same.

There is one big difference with the Photo Chrome paper, however: price. The street price for a 50 sheet box of 8.5×11” is only $36.96. A 17”x100’ roll is only $166.46. The per-box price is almost $7 less than Red River, and $20 less than the LexJet version. Considering the papers are identical this seems like the way to go if you like the metallic look.

Pictorico Opalescent


A co-worker mentioned to me that when he was at a Glazer’s demo days event he saw a pack of Pictorico Opalescent in the store. It took me a while to get down there, but I did on Tuesday to take a look at one of their in-store print samples. I didn’t even bother buying a pack. It’s the same stuff again, just under the Pictorico name. The price is way off though, at $28.50 for a 20 pack of 8.5×11” sheets.

Updated Conclusion

So where do things stand? At this point I believe all these papers are manufactured by Mitsubishi and then labeled by the various companies. I’ve chatted with a few other folks in the know and they agree.

I have no idea why the Grace Pearl looks so different than the rest, but if you’re after a metallic paper any of the LexJet, Red River, Photo Chrome, or Pictorico will work fine. The Photo Chrome is the cheapest, and therefore wins in my book!

Disclaimer: Shades of Paper provided me with five sample sheets of Proofline Photo Chrome free of charge so I could test it out. Other than that I receive no compensation from them.