— Dane Creek

A Great Way to Display Folios

Rob Reiter, of The Lightroom in Berkley, CA, dropped me an e-mail today with a photo of how he’s currently displaying our folio covers in his print studio. Check it out:


The sheet metal is a 3×8’ piece of 24ga. galvanized steel from Rob’s local metal fabrication shop. The magnets are, of all things, a kid’s toy: NeoCubes from Amazon (or, if you prefer “perfection unmatched”, try ZenMagnets) (or, if you want to splurge, try Lee Valley’s fridge super magnets, but 7 will cost you more than the steel!).

Not only do I love this way of presenting a folio, but it’s exactly what I had in mind for our print studio once the remodel is complete. It’s nice to see the idea working in the real world, I can’t wait to get one set up.

If you are in the Berkeley, CA, area and need some great custom printing done or need help putting a folio together give Rob a call. He’d be happy to assist!