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Media Clip/SpeedClip/Sooper Clip Review

Right before we started the massive remodel for the new studio Andy Biggs dropped me a line asking if I’d ever tried Media Clips from Armadillo Photo Supply. I’d never heard of them, but the price was right, so I put an order in for the 12 pack. They arrived, got stuck in storage, and I promptly forgot about them.

Zoom forward four months later and I found them a few nights ago while unloading the storage unit. I brought them up to the new studio and left them on the counter until it was time to swap out a roll. When it came time to load in some Breathing Color Lyve I figured I’d give the clips a try on the outgoing roll of Ilford GFS.

This review is short because the product is simple and it works. You take your roll of paper and you put the clips on it. Done. No futzing with rubber bands or tape. They clip on, and they hold the paper securely.

Here’s a photo of the clips in use on a 17” roll of IGFS:


And here’s a photo of the two different sizes available (3” and 2”):


I find them extremely useful. They’re great not only for storage but also when loading the paper onto the spindle for the printer. I can leave the clips on until the spindle is actually in the printer and not have to worry about the paper unraveling as I’m moving from counter to printer.

The only downside to ordering from Armadillo Supply is the packs they sell are a mix of 3” and 2” clips, and almost all my rolls are 3” cores so the 2” clips really aren’t useful to me. I did a bit of searching around online and found similar 3” clips under the SpeedClip name in packs of 10. If you have lots of 3” core rolls that may be a better source to use.

Edit: Shades of Paper also sells the mixed packs under the name Sooper Clip.

These are an inexpensive addition to any print studio and are highly recommended.