— Dane Creek

“Hi Photographer Man!”

Canon EOS-1D Mark III with 24-70 f/2.8L. 24mm, ISO 1600, 1/400 sec. @ f/2.8.

A key part of photographing for the Seattle Storm is capturing the whole game experience. It’s not just in-game action shots that matter. It’s getting photos of pre-game rituals, fans, the 4th quarter Doppler train, varied halftime entertainment, and all the other little things that make attending a Storm game special.

Halftime shows are always fun since they are usually community groups or sports teams that are excited to be performing in front of a large audience at the Key. The June 10th game was a great example: the halftime show was the Laurelhurst Unicycle and Juggling Team.

Since I’m a firm believer that the best shots are up-close and personal, I decided to shoot from on the court instead of the sidelines once they started their routine. I zeroed in on the three boys juggling and went up close to get a photo.

Next thing I knew I was surrounded by a fleet of girls on unicycles. Trapped!

I snapped a few shots and managed to get the above photo, my favourite so far this season. Why? It’s the memory of the girls on the unicycles yelling “HI PHOTOGRAPHY MAN!” as they circled around me while I tried to get a reasonable picture!