— Dane Creek

Day 1: Seattle to Buenos Aires

(This is the first in a series of re-posts of trip notes I took on my 2009 photography trip to Antarctica)

Those of you looking for high excitement will want to look somewhere other than today’s report. Starting with a 4:30am wakeup the entire day consisted of planes, waiting areas, and more planes.

Shan drove me to the airport for my 7:20am flight. Unlike when we tried to go home for Christmas there was no snow. Yay! Security was a breeze, and they hand-scanned my film with no questions. While I was waiting for that I saw someone have an entire unopened bottle Asian hot sauce confiscated. Why on earth would you take that as carry-on? Oh, and my checked bag weighed in at… 49lbs! Woot!

The flight from Seattle to Atlanta had Delta’s fancy in-seat entertainment system which was actually pretty cool. They had 18 channels of live Dish TV, a 3000 song music library (mostly albums from their onboarding music at), and a trivia game! I played against others on the flight and won one game and lost two.

During the safety video Deltalina wagged her finger at me. I almost fainted from excitement. Oh, and good thing I had my sunglasses on for the tooth glint.

After flying small Air Canada Jazz jets for Christmas the 767 from Seattle to Atlanta was HUGE. The wings went on forever!