— Dane Creek

Day 10a: Horseshoe Island and The Gullet

(This is part of a series of re-posts from my trip to Antarctica in 2009)

At noon today I went into our cabin to wake Steve up. He was passed out (like I was about 5 minutes earlier) from a 3 hour nap after a very early wakeup call. I told him to look outside. He did and said “holy fucking shit”.

That pretty much sums up the next 4.5 hours.

While we were napping our captain got us to the channel that leads to the Gullet. For the last 5ish hours there’s been crystal clear blue skies, completely calm water (like glass), mountains on all sides and sea ice surrounding the boat. At about the 4 hour mark I tried to come inside to copy files off my card. As soon as my gear was packed I saw yet another thing to shoot and next thing I knew another 1/2 an hour had past.

We are currently at 67° 02.5771 S 67° 30.9442 W if you want to plot that on Bing Maps.

I’m sure I took some photos at Horseshoe Island and on the zodiac cruse (which started at 5am). But I can’t remember them. I’m so tired. And it’s not even close to sunset yet. And we’ll still be in the sea ice.