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Folio Covers

A lazy Sunday evening following a Seahawks playoff loss means I finally managed to get two limited edition folio covers up for sale on the website. These new colours, Citron and Tuscan Sun, have been in stock for longer than I care to admit. They were just waiting for the website update to show off their vibrant, crazy, look.

The new colours are definitely not for every project but do open up new creative possibilities. I personally used the Tuscan Sun cover to make a beautiful folio of fall images from the American Southwest (Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, etc.).

Citron and Tuscan Sun covers are a limited edition run: only 100 of each were manufactured so if you want them for your project order them while you can! To see how they compare to our other covers check out our detailed colour comparison page.


Tuscan Sun

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Andy Biggs just posted a nifty video that looks at a number of different ways to present a portfolio of work. He shows off several options, but we believe the nicest option is our very own folio covers 🙂

Here’s the video:

Thanks for the review, Andy!

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Rob Reiter, of The Lightroom in Berkley, CA, dropped me an e-mail today with a photo of how he’s currently displaying our folio covers in his print studio. Check it out:


The sheet metal is a 3×8’ piece of 24ga. galvanized steel from Rob’s local metal fabrication shop. The magnets are, of all things, a kid’s toy: NeoCubes from Amazon (or, if you prefer “perfection unmatched”, try ZenMagnets) (or, if you want to splurge, try Lee Valley’s fridge super magnets, but 7 will cost you more than the steel!).

Not only do I love this way of presenting a folio, but it’s exactly what I had in mind for our print studio once the remodel is complete. It’s nice to see the idea working in the real world, I can’t wait to get one set up.

If you are in the Berkeley, CA, area and need some great custom printing done or need help putting a folio together give Rob a call. He’d be happy to assist!

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I stopped by the plant today to check on a new batch of folio covers that were rolling off the line. We’re running additional stock of charcoal and chocolate truffle, and adding two new colours: Eclipse Black and Natural.

Here’s a photo of all the raw paper stock in a pile after going through the first round of debossing:


From top to bottom the colours are: Chocolate Truffle, Natural, Eclipse Black, Charcoal, and Chocolate Truffle. The press is pretty impressive. The covers run on the largest machine in the place. Here’s a photo of 1/3rd of the machine:


The window is where the action happens. The thing on the right is where the cutting and debossing dies get inserted. Paper is fed from the far right (just out of frame), comes in, gets stamped/cut, and then goes into the outfeed pile just out of frame to the left. Here’s some video of the machine in action just after the last of the folio paper went through:

The new covers will be ready to ship out starting Tuesday, July 27th.

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Those of you who’ve been waiting for matboard to get back in stock are very patient, and you get our thanks for that patience. The process of getting new matboard in has been, ah, entertaining.

Despite calling my supplier weekly, it now turns out that matboard won’t arrive until April 6th. Why? Because Crescent apparently faxed paperwork to the wrong company, and my supplier never realized that Crescent was waiting for confirmation before processing the order. They only identified this problem yesterday (!), and are now in the middle of exchanging the necessary information for the order to go through.

So, our apologies to people who are still waiting on the matboard. We very unhappy with the situation, but are unfortunately limited by the lack of options for wholesale supplies in the Pacific Northwest.

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Yay! After much waiting, the coloured covers arrived today. They are beautiful. I’m quite surprised at how nicely the Winter Wheat covers turned out. I didn’t think the light colour would work, but it may just be my new favourite.

We’ll be updating the website later tonight so orders can be placed for the new covers, and we’ll take some photos of the three new colours as well.

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